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Pre-MattanaMaya Binding No. 4: Modern Medieval

Two days left in London, asked by my mentor, Mark Cockram, what I’d like to do, my answer was a full-leather binding. Seemingly impossible in such a short period, Mark instructed me mainly on ‘Keep doing until you feel right!’. So did I. Made from pre-pared green goat-skinned leather and discarded yellow leather, the journal fitted exactly and smoothly into my palm. I was so proud of it that I decided to use it as my bookbinding journal.

However, my best friend’s birthday came and I ran out of gift idea for her, I re-decided and gave this journal to her as a present. With a not-so-shot note inside, the journal was to remind us how much we treasured our unbreakable relationship. Though life’s journey is long and rough, we will surely have each other forever.

A hand-bound full-leather bradel binding with hand-made leather endband and hand-made endpaper with ‘floatage’ technique might look normal to a professional bookbinder, but it surely is a proud gift for a proud friend.

Approximated Book Size: 17 * 22.2 CM
134 pages, 220 grams Fabriano watercolor paper

Commissioned for Amoraey Prasittirat

One-off Edition: 2012

Photos by Sam Yuta (All Rights Reserved to Him)

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